Mists of Pandaria Story Leaked

16 10 2011
Mists of Pandaria Storyline and Lore Information

  • Levels 85-90
  • Expansion gives players access to the wartorn island of Pandaria, Kul Tiras, Tel’abim, and Suramar.
  • Two distinct Pandaren races are released with the game.
  • The Alliance befriends the Pandaren of the Shadow Shao’din, a proud clan of warriors with a heritage of bloodshed.
  • The Horde gains the support of the Fire Shao’din, which is a clan of Pandaren monks, scholars, and poets.
  • Civil war split the island of Pandaria literally. The two warring Pandaren clans used their magic to split the island down the middle.
  • Shodo-pan Zin Ji is the stand-in villain for the expansion, but N’Zoth and Azshara play a role, as well.
  • Shodo-pan Zin Ji is the former leader of the Shadow Shao’din, and initially receives support from the Alliance.
  • The Shadow Shao’din started the war by invading Fire Shao’din farms to steal food and supplies.
  • The Shadow Shao’din is too powerful for the Fire Shao’din to handle alone. The Fire Shao’din sends messengers in a rowboat to a nearby Horde warship to plead for support.
  • The „Mists“ of Pandaria are actually a concealing sort of magic that hid the island from the eyes of sailors for millennia.
  • The Fire Shao’din Pandaren are markedly friendlier-looking compared to the Shadow Shao’din Pandaren. The two races are very distinct from each other. The Fire Shao’din Pandaren have a choice of sagely beards and wise facial features, while the Shadow Shao’din Pandaren are slightly taller and appear more vicious.
  • Blizzard wanted to give the Alliance another „unethical“ or „shadowy“ race to balance the storyline out.
  • The expansion focuses greatly on the conflict between the Alliance and Horde by proxy of their new Pandaren allies.
  • Deathwing’s Shattering is what initially caused famine and disease to consume the island of Pandaria. The Shadow Shao’din took a very direct approach to handling the problem, and this meant wiping out the sickly members of the population in large numbers. The Alliance does not initially understand the brutality of the Shadow Shao’din.





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